Ken Altman

Bow Maker

Finely crafted bows for violin, viola, 'cello and bass.
This image appeared one day as I was planing a rough cut bow stick.  It started out as a small knot.  With each stroke of the plane the apparition evolved, until finally this visage, Pernambuco Man, was fully revealed. 
I am sad to say that Pernambuco Man is no longer of this world.  At the time he appeared I was a struggling artisan.  I was down to only a few sticks to make into bows.  I reluctantly planed away more wood until Pernambuco Man was gone.

Did I do the right thing turning Pernambuco Man into shavings?  I think so.  I believe that I set his spirit free from his entombment inside that piece of wood. I believe too that the stick was blessed: It made a wonderful bow.


                      Ken Altman 1999
Pernambuco man

A True Story