Ken Altman

Bow Maker

Finely crafted bows for violin, viola, 'cello and bass.

          “Just a quick note a month later to let you know I'm enjoying the bow and recently won an audition with it.  I'm now a member of the Houston Grand Opera Orchestra as well as the Houston Ballet!  Your bow is helping me achieve the kind of sound I want on the cello.

                                All the best -

                                Steve Laven"

        "I consider Ken Altman to be one of the finest bow makers of our time. He recently made a copy of my Dominique Pecatte bow to my complete satisfaction.  I find that I am using it more and more as time time goes on.  I find it to be very comparable to the original, and in one respect I prefer the copy because I asked him to make it slightly heavier.  I couldn't be more pleased".

                                Harold Wolf
                                Concertmaster, The Portland Chamber Orchestra.
                                Former Concertmaster of the Utah, Birmingham, and San Diego Symphony Orchestras,
                                first violinist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
                                Studied at the Curtis Institute and Juilliard.

        "My Altman bow is a delight - agile and straight; making the last movement of Beethoven Eighth Symphony totally possible!"

                                Ann Leeder-Beesley
                                Violinist, Oregon Symphony

"Throughout my performing career I have owned bows by Pecatte, Simon, Hill, Bultitude, Voirin, and Nurnberger.
But the bow that I just bought from Mr. Altman equals the best of the lot, and surpasses the others.  The balance is fantastic due to the correct weight distribution, and the workmanship is exquisite.  No bow maker today is any better nor making any better bows at any price.  I am also amazed at the reasonable cost for such magnificent work.  You can be sure that these low prices will not last for long.  I own two of his bows and will buy a third one when we decide on the playing qualities that I would like."

                                  Leroy T. Sellers
                                  Professional violinist
                                  College professor
                                  Charlotte, North Carolina

"I enjoyed playing the bow all summer and it surpasses my other bow that I was quite fond of!  I played 48 shows of Aida which could make one crazy, but I often just admired the bow!!"
                                   Liz Davis
                                   Assistant Principal Cellist
                                   Kennedy Center Opera Orchestra
                                   Washington, DC

"I am very proud to play on my new Ken Altman bow, which was passed on to me by my great teacher Dr. Andrew Galos. In Broadway pits, it gives me the delicate touch necessary for accompanimental figures, and in solo and chamber music, I find I am also able to project to the back row of the hall in the more powerful phrases. The response is clear and strong, and the spiccatos are precise. Thank you for your artistry, Mr. Altman."
                                     Joseph Brent
                                     Freelance classical, jazz, Broadway soloist, multiinstrumentalist.
© Ken Altman 2005
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